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Short Code / Long Code

Short Code / Long Code

Short Code / Long Code is a pullsms service, mainly used for lead generation, to provide information on demand, Polling / voting in event and reality shows.

India Bulk SMS Messenger allows you to receive SMS messages online from your customers and prospects using a combination of keywords, short codes and long codes. The received SMS are stored in your inbox and you can easily respond to and manage them using a variety of tools provided by India Bulk SMS.

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Great ways to receive SMS text messages online

We believe variety is the spice of life, that’s why we’ve developed great ways for you to receive SMS.

Business Keyword on a Long Code

Business Keyword on a Short Code

Dedicated Long Code

Dedicated Short Code

Shared Short Code

Shared Long Code

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is short code?

Ans: A shortcode is a virtual number minimum length is 5 digits and maximum is 9 digits. The idea behind short codes is to make them easy to remember .It is a pull sms service and able to receive high traffic of incoming sms. These shortcode numbers can be used on shared and dedicated basis.

Ans: Keyword: Each incoming sms at shortcode is routed on basis of first word of sms. This word is called Keyword. Which identify that who should read this sms. The concept of keyword is mainly useful for shared shortcode. For example your company name is ABC pvt. Ltd. So you can buy ABC keyword on any shared shortcode supposes on 56677. Your user needs to type "ABC message" and send it to 56677. In this way that message will be redirected to your inbox because the first word of the sms (ABC) is owned by you. Sender will immediately receive the auto reply.

Subkeyword: A subkeyword is the word which is immediately followed by the main keyword.A subkeyword can be used as a main keyword.Suppose you own a college named ABC institute now there are 3 different courses available in collage say MBA, MCA BBA. In that case in order to generate inquiries for these 3 courses you don’t need to buy 3 different keywords you can buy a single keyword ABC and create 3 subkeywords i.e. ABC MBA, ABC MCA, ABC BBA, in order to receive inquiries for 3 different courses and you can even set 3 different auto replies for all 3 subkeywords.

Ans: You can create unlimited subkeywords with your main keyword and that will be totally free of cost.

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